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River Swan



River and me, our story . . .


River Swan of Avon is a small and independently run UK business that lives in the heart of Shakespeare’s Stratford-upon-Avon.

Originally inspired by the swans who grace the water, the keepers of the river. Stratford’s swans are the continuous narrative, the soul and origin of River Swan of Avon.


A handful of scratchy drawings that started on the banks of the River Avon during the very hardest of pandemic times in 2020 has now expanded into a collection of illustrations, cards and prints that I post all over the world.


Each illustration is created using a traditional nib ink pen and layered with bright watercolour washes. Quality is my commitment as I strive to create drawings you will want to admire and treasure. The very best premium watercolour paper is sourced along with extra thick hand cut mounts. Quality you can proudly post to your loved one, where the art of letter writing can live on.


A letterbox gift to be kept forever with each envelope I send to you, beautifully finished with a timeless wax seal.


As an independent business owner, I look for the very best UK businesses to support and enhance the journey of River Swan of Avon. I use Giclee printing company, Raven Fine Art Print in Warwickshire for all printing requirements. The very best in the business who share my commitment to quality and also a commitment to printing on sustainable FSC certified card.


Drawings are framed in traditional wood and glass, masterfully hand crafted by Warwickshire business Meon Frames.


From the beginning to the end, every piece of the journey is considerately sourced for the very best and most beautiful outcome. A sequence of entrepreneurship and craftsmanship.

“Sweet Swan of Avon”, may you always fly through the soul of our town.


With love from Stratford-upon-Avon,

Naomi Hands-Smith x

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